Portfolio and Technical Skills


Technical Skills


Languages: Objective-C, C#, Java, Python, C, Verilog, SystemVerilog, C++, bash, JavaScript, PHP, HTML
Tools: X-Code, Xamarin, vim, OS X, Linux, gdb, Quartus II, Keil


My Travel Expenses

An iOS app that allows the tracking and totalling of travel expenses (particularly designed for business travel). Tracks remaining value on a per diem for dining, and categorizes all expenses to ensure that no targeted travel budgets are exceeded. Also quickly generates reports of total expenses for the specific trip. This app is live in the iOS App Store

Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development App(Link)

iOS app that provides tools for preparing for public speaking including simulated speech time cards, speech audio recording w/ playback that presents the corresponding time card, cue card preparation tools, the ability to send cue cards from the app, speech reminders (with the ability to have up to four reminders, rather than the limit of two on iOS reminders), and contact capabilities.




iOS app with cloud-based data storage to track medical history and provide prescription tracking/reminders

Other team members: Marina Schmidt, Colton Rutherford, Kai Langen, Danny Huang

Vascular Access Port Digital Monitoring System


Smartphone-based monitoring system for a vascular access port system to detect and prevent failure of the device, preventing risk to patient. In collaboration with Royal University Hospital.

2 other team members: Aditya Menon, Kyle Sheasby

Kjendra Internet of Things


In the process of developing an integrated Internet of Things platform technology, including various household devices with an easy and secure cloud-based connection.

2 other team members: Joel-Ahmed MondolThomas Meyer

Vital Signs-Controlled Patient Comfort Systems

Developed out of the Hacking Health conference from a prototype designed and built in one weekend (hardware design and implementation was handled by me) of a heated dialysis chair that was blood pressure controlled. Designed to provide improve patient comfort by using systems not previously possible due to risk to patient and using vital signs to control these systems to allow them to be used.

4 other team members, including: Karissa Brabant, Luke Burkholder, Kendric Friesen, Alex Lee


I developed the ground-up modular content management system for use with LS Communications websites, allowing more customizations on the website projects.

Spectrum iPhone App Prototype

I developed an iPhone app for the Spectrum event that would allow volunteers to sign up for and keep track of shifts, general public to view exhibits/building maps/concession prices, and for general users to see who was speaking


I developed an iOS app that connected to a cloud server and displayed team information for curling teams, including win/loss tracking, team schedule, player profiles, etc.


Website developed for local band Misterfire using CSS3/HTML5/JS/PHP with an implementation of LSCMS for content management


The Mix

Website developed for CHR internet radio station The Mix using CSS3/HTML5/JS/PHP with an implementation of LSCMS for content management


Cameco Spectrum 2013

Flagship implementation of LSCMS including custom modules for volunteer management, school tours management, exhibitor management, and automation/report generation for all of the above. Built on CSS/HTML/JS with PHP.


BeeDee Electric

Website for an electrical contractor, using LSCMS as a backend. Built using CSS/HTML/PHP and tested to IE compatibility.