Volunteer Experience

Webmaster and Organizing Committee Member

Med.Hack Health Hackathon
June 2016-January 2017 (7 months)
I assisted with building a brand new non-profit corporation, setting up the needed IT services (such as GSuite and the website on Google AppEngine), and organizing the main hackathon event. Through this, I facilitated communication with the developer community in Saskatoon to encourage attendance, and helped with logistics prior to and during the actual hackathon event.

VP Media and Technology

National Conference on Women in Engineering
(1 year)
I was on the organizing committee for this national conference (National Conference on Women in Engineering). My primary tasks were to manage the social media accounts for the conference, develop and manage the conference website, handle all audio/visual rental budgets and rentals, recruit and oversee the volunteer technical team for the entire conference, ensure that all IT and A/V needs were met at all times at the conference (including sound system set-up and take-down), and working with keynote speaker Grant Imahara (formerly of Mythbusters) to ensure that all of his technical needs were met.

Technical Lead

Cameco Spectrum 2013
(1 year 6 months)
I was tasked with building all technical services for Cameco Spectrum 2013, helping with graphic design, and helping during the event to ensure everything ran smoothly.

(2 years 1 month)
While not officially holding a position, I assisted with technical issues regarding the A/V system in the student lounge and in case of website problems.
(1 year 1 month)
I was a student representative for the College of Engineering on the University Students’ Council. My accomplishments included the development of a comprehensive housing study (which helped encourage development of a second phase of student residences), keeping students informed on transit issues (when there was threat of a strike), and getting answers to concerns from the students in Engineering.

Senate Member (Student Member)

University of Saskatchewan

(2 years 8 months)
I was a student senate member for 3 terms (one of the governing bodies of the university). On top of getting clarity from the university administration on various student concerns and assisting with senate decisions, I was on the Honourary Degree Selection Committee where I was one of the people charged with deciding who received an honourary degree from the university, and I was on a Non-Academic student hearing.
(4 years 1 month)
I was involved with sound/video/lighting set ups for all school events, assisted with videography of school events, managed the video displays throughout the school, and edited videos for school pep rallies.
(1 year 4 months)
I was in the leadership role for the yearbook. In my time there, I designed a web-based submission system for students to submit pictures and stories for the yearbook, and led our yearbook team to create the yearbook.

Minister of Public Relations and Communications

Saskatchewan Youth Parliament

(1 year 1 month)
I was in charge of all media communications at all Saskatchewan Youth Parliament mini events and Christmas session, rebuilt the SYP website, and helped make administrative decisions for SYP.

Orientation Master of Ceremonies

University of Saskatchewan

I kept crowd energy going for the new student orientation, introduced the speakers (including the University President), and kept the crowd informed of the events of the day.

Orientation Group Leader

University of Saskatchewan

(3 years 1 month)

I welcomed new students to campus, helped get them excited for orientation, and led brief tours around campus. I also answered any questions that the students may have had.

Tutorial Leader

Saskatoon Engineering Students’ Society

(3 years 1 month)

Volunteered to lead tutorials for younger students to learn materials for lower year classes.

IEEE University of Saskatchewan Student Branch

Set up and ran sound for the charity hockey tournament held by our IEEE student branch.

Communications Chairperson

MUCC Student Activities Association

(1 year 1 month)

I was in charge of communicating the activities going on in the school to the local media, including weekly reports on the radio station. Also assisted with planning various student events in the school.

Open House Volunteer

University of Saskatchewan

(2 years 1 month)

I helped welcome prospective students to campus and helped run events throughout the day.

Melfort Youth Council

(2 years 1 month)

I was on a council that helped provide various activities for youth in Melfort free of charge, ensuring that activities were accessible to all youth in the community.

General Volunteer

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

(3 years 3 months)

I helped at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival, helping with ushering.

Food Collector

Saskatoon Food Bank

(4 years 1 month)

For 4 years, I helped collect food at various times throughout the year for the Saskatoon Food Bank to help less fortunate people in Saskatoon, including organizing a Trick-or-Eat team from Engineering one year.

Food Collector

Melfort Food Bank
(5 years 1 month)
I assisted with collecting food for the Melfort Food Bank to help less fortunate people in Melfort.